Monday, June 6, 2016

To Hack

The only link to BBQ here is that I had Lenox BBQ on Saturday.

I need a whatever blog.

Responding to:

Quite an important discussion sparked by an interview with Daniel X. O'Neil:

Steven Clift  -  Executive Director,  -  +1 612 234 7072
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and which I need to save until I can respond on that fb page and does not fit in a tweet.

If we could scrap them and immediately begin to supply what anyone needs and not what they want with no individual, government or any corporate structure hoarding either the feel good or the actual then yes we should scrap them.  Sorry folks, even though these things have ableist, elitist, ageist drivel at their base they are what we have for now.  That and even as I write this in an email that is to OpenGovChicagoland and chihacknight I have to think that most of us are trying to describe our piece of the elephant as others are being chewed up, digested and excreted by the elephant.  FreeGeek, Blue1647, 1871, Pumping Station: One, SC3 and many others will find better ways to work with each other and when they do then without naming my friend who first said it too me now I will say then "see, we not only took your comment to heart, we took it to reality and we obliterated Google's business model".  And in the meanwhile I will cross post.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Taxi Driver Indian Food Tacos

OK so even the best of foods needs to be alternated.  Variety is the spice of life and all that.  I loved a recent twitter post where one of the most superior butchers in Chicago posted that he had taken some of Smoque's brisket, soaked it in Rick Bayless' lime cilantro marinade and then made a taco from that.  In the interest of a picture is worth a thousand words...

I will write just a litle bit on this though.  The tortillas here are called Naan.  Each entree comes with two Naan.  Not sure how the distribution of sauces, onions, limes and jalepenos is determined but there is what was in the bag with my three entrees.  The green one is spinach and goat.  The one on the lower right is something like Anjeer Goat.  The third is their sort of curried veggies.  The sauce next to the veggies was wonderful for soaking naan.

And then there are some better words that led me here:  Pakeeza

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Brisket from Barn and Company

I will not bore you non-CTA riders with too much detail today.  Yesterday was a day of too, too much running around, e-mailing, faxing, copying and over nighting.  So it was close to five pm and dark in Chicago when I got off the brown line at Fullerton.  The purple and the red also stop there.

I have been wanting for a good while to get to Barn and Company even before meeting Gary at:

The 2014 IBBQA Fall Smokeout

There is a picture from across the three way corner.

 There are signs all over saying DePaul this and DePaul that.  I was almost tempted to go into the Campus Bookstore but memories came back just in time.  Anyone under 40 looks college age to me these days but likely the couple I stopped and asked about The Barn were college students.  One seemed to not be from Chicago and stopped as the other took a couple of steps on.  The first said I would find it at the three cornered intersection.  I liked that since I live at The Six Corners.

The sign you cannot read says Fullerton.

There is the modern entrance.

The obligatory shot of the old school entrance.

A shot of something with a 7-11 and I think a dog park.

If you blow this one up you should be able to see a second 7-11 sign.

Now here is the bag with the brisket, some sauces and au Jeus spilled in the bag.  They add au jeus that they make in house to keep the brisket moist.

Tops on.

Tops off.

And on the dessert plate.

Coming home I could smell the smoky goodness even through the plastic bag so first requirement of a great brisket place satisfied.  Inside Barn and Company after going through the much needed extra temporary entrance and taking off my Elmer Fudd syle hunting hat that was pulled around my ears I greeted and was greeted by Gary Wiviott who captains and pursers this BBQ ship.  The interior is very unique with a great dark wood long bar leading to a dining area suitable for traditional Chicago sit down dining and at the back of that a Texas BBQ Shack / Joint scene but at least the front of which is actually there.  You will have to go for yourself and explore any of the drinks or depth of that shack. 

Those three sauces are great even though only the dark one is, to me, what goes on BBQ.  I can easily see myself adding the mustard one to a salad or chicken which of course I do not consider BBQ but which they do smoke and serve here and I will likely love some night when I decide to go have a sit down dinner here.  The other tomato based sauce is very tangy and nice so maybe for their pulled pork when I get back to try that.

The slice of brisket I had last night was great.  The fat was left in the middle of the brisket so you get all of that flavor.  As you maybe can see the slices are thicker than most places slice it.  That is the way I slice mine.  Slicing it thick though if a brisket is undercooked you will get a sense for that a lot more than slicing it thin.  There was only one bite where my teeth gave me that sense and the flavor did not support it.  I still might have tossed it back on in foil for fifteen minutes if not for the fact it was so good.  You can also see that there is less of a smoke ring than I lay into mine.  The rub is also more pedestrian than mine but hey they are serving the public in Chicago.  Today for lunch I had a second slice with that third sauce and right now I am a very happy camper.  Living close to DePaul could be dangerous to my health.  Gary was kind enough to take a quick survey for me on if I should go back the three blocks to Fullerton or continue north on Sheffield to the next Brown line stop.  Concensus was return to Fullerton.  He also informed me twice that they had not made a mistake in the slicing direction, that, that is the way they slice the point.  Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Brisket from Pappas, Tacos from JITB, more

So this brisket was bought and tasted in Texas but mainly being eaten in Chicago.

The trip - begins with a ride on the 80 to the Blue Line where perhaps I will get a photo later of the escalator broken down again, emphasis, again.  Switched at Clark and Lake to the Orange.  Delta to Atlanta and then to Houston.  Rented a car in Houston.  Reverse trip to Chicago then the Orange to Harold Washington, the Purple to Belmont and the Brown then the 80 home.  Elevators up down and transfers announced and signage of the same for connections are very misleading and if you need to make those connections with differing abilities the signs and announcements should bring to mind lawsuits and criminal charges.

This is, iirc, the third Pappas restaurant and second Pappas Brisket House location.

I am sitting under the gable in the drive thru.

A look

a taste then bagged for flight home

a second look


plated, still great but that first fresh bite in Texas was the best.

Inside Harry's

Outside Harry's

Even a vacant lot in Texas very much in an urban area yet with room to breath

And of course brisket

Wilson and Douggie, Stop Sarah, Sarah stop, Sarah stop

Harry's coffee and eggs

Caleb and Air Hog


Often forgot to take pictures before eating

Sorry, good pic of the food

Smokehouse burger at Cheddar's

Chicken Tenders and tender times

Talapia, coleslaw and broccoli casserole 

Lupe Tortillas

remnants of a three

Greasy mess. so bad in so many ways but so good

She got it totally right

Mayhaw Jelly, Chow Chow, Roast Beef but still airport